"I am impressed with the PlayLab approach because it is inquiry based and challenges children to think 'outside-the-box'. It offers the type of holistic, integrated learning experience that is highly engaging for children of all ages. I believe that participating in PlayLab will encourage children to search for solutions to problems rather than looking for 'right' answers, thus enriching their repertoires of generalizable skills and strategies." 

Dr. Dale Willows , PhD
Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
University of Toronto

"What I like about PlayLab is that their activities engage and educate my kids, but they just think that they're playing and having fun. The diverse and interesting activities that my kids were involved with at PlayLab were amazingly well-suited for their ages. From the discussions they have at home, I sense that whatever they learn in PlayLab captivates their hearts and I hope that it stays with them forever. Every kid must play to be a pro. I am very glad that PlayLab is there to nurture the children and to bring out their full potential in everything they do."

Dr. Alagan Anpalagan
Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ryerson University

"As an educator and Instructional Resource Teacher, I understand the importance of recognizing each student's unique abilities and appealing to their individual interests. The project-based approach used by PlayLab provides the opportunity for each student to direct their own learning so that their experience is ideally suited to them. I've seen first-hand the high degree of learning and self-confidence that student's gain from the PlayLab experience. From my perspective PlayLab differentiates instruction to provide unique learning opportunities for students at various levels. It promotes the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills using practical and meaningful activities. The activities are designed to align with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum expectations so as a parent I have confidence that my children are experiencing enrichment in relevant areas. As a mother, I choose to have my children participate in PlayLab. As an educator, I would recommend PlayLab for all students." 

Anu Arora
HBSc., MSc., BEd., Secondary Instructional Resource Teacher
Peel District School Board


Children are engaged through interesting themes and real life scenarios.


Children develop innovative solutions through team brainstorming, prototyping, testing and development.


Through successful creation and accomplishment, children gain confidence.