Educators and world leaders, like U.S. President Barack Obama, are calling attention to the need to develop 21st Century  skills in our students, skills like problem-solving, entrepreneurship, and creativity. Project-based learning has been proven to enhance math, science, and literacy skills of children while developing leadership, creative problem-solving, collaboration, and entrepreneurial skills essential for success today.

In addition to enhancing academic performance and developing life skills, this way of learning imbues children with the competencies and poise to tackle new challenges. By continuously directing their own path to solutions, participants develop confidence and become innovative thinkers. 

More than half (52 percent) of educators surveyed ranked 21st Century skills as the most important priority for the new administration - skills such as the ability to collaborate, innovate, create, and learn about technology. 

President Barack Obama's push for advanced skills in our education and workforce systems has added critical momentum to the 21st  Century skills movement. Throughout his campaign and now in his administration, President Obama has repeatedly articulated the need for our nation's students to be better prepared for today's knowledge economy. Not surprisingly, most of President Obama's comments surrounding 21st Century skills address the role of formal education in preparing students to be prepared for today's workforce. But the Administration has also recognized the importance of out-of-school learning environments, and it hopes to increase resources for community colleges and lifelong learning initiatives to ensure our citizens can continue to gain new skills throughout their lifetime (Technology 2009). 

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Children are engaged through interesting themes and real life scenarios.


Children develop innovative solutions through team brainstorming, prototyping, testing and development.


Through successful creation and accomplishment, children gain confidence.